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The project BLACKBOX.OBERON.ORG is aimed to publish cross-platform version of BlackBox Component Builder and it's extensions.

We are working on this BlackBox version with Anton Dmitriev and Alexander Shiryaev on the basis of the Center version. The linker developed by Igor Dehtyarenko included into the distribution, and the compiler was improved by LuoWy.

The extensions, whiсh are published on the website, owned by their authors. They are published by authors them self's, or according a license allowing distribution, or with a written permission of authors.

You can support the project. Your money will be spent according my discretion to pay for the server, to support authors of cross-platform BlackBox and possible bonuses for authors of extensions.

Ivan Denisov

Yandex Money: 410011481489156

Bitcoins: 1NHX2vA4g9JL1DVa2cm5qKFyh1UfMK6zt
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