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Bitmaps, ControlTips, FormTidy, Markers, Search and Stylists.

The Cpc 'Chill' modules provide a few utilites that may be of general use: Bitmaps - Allows an arbitrary BlackBox View to be converted, or copied, to a Bitmap ControlTips - Implements pop-up Tool-Tips when the mouse pointer goes over a Control FormTidy - Additional commands to size and position Controls (or any Views) in a Form Markers - A Text Wrapper that automatically makes changes clearly visible Search - A simple to use Text Search & Replace tool with many wildcard options Stylists - An object used to organise Rulers (TextRulers.Ruler) in a Document. The modules CpcMarkers & CpcStylists require (parts of) the subsystem Lib .

Author: Robert D. Campbell
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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