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Port of Oberon A2 crypto libs for BBCB2
Depends on: Aos

This is port of Oberon A2 cryptography libs from to Black Box Component Builder.
Code converted from Active Oberon to Component Pascal using OberonParser tool

Library X25519 is a port of C# library

TLS implementation now supports TLS v1.2. After port it was slightly modified:

1. added support for modern Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman key exchange

2. support for TLS extensions like SNI

3. bug fixes of original code

You can use ciphers and hashes and other classes in your code. But do not use tls implementation directly now. Right way to use TLS is do it like described in CommStreams documentation for TCP protocol, but instead of CommTCP name use CryptoTLSStream

Authors: Computer Systems Institute, ETH Zurich, Anton Shelin
Published by: Anton Shelin
2.0 compatible
Русский English


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