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Buttons, Arrows, Sets, Sliders, RealField and UnitField.

Subsystem Ctls implements a range of Controls, and some related functions for using them:

Buttons2   Controls whose appearance is an arbitrary View
Arrows2   Some pre-configured examples of Buttons2
Sets, SetsF   Graphical & textural controls for SETs
Sliders   Graphical control for INTEGERs in the range [0 … 100]
RealField   Control for REALs with many more formatting options
UnitField   As RealField, but associates values with physical dimentions: eg Length in m & ft.

The last is supported by the module Units which supports a wide range of SI and non-SI units, and can be accessed by other applications.

Buttons are controls that use other singleton views to display the current state. They have primarily been implemented to create picture buttons but they are not limited to displaying pictures only. In fact any singleton view can be used as a button state. This implements Command Button Controls whose appearance is an arbitrary BlackBox View. It features an easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring the Buttons.

A set of sample Arrows has been included. It provides 9 preconfigured versions of view buttons. The arrow forms included are top, up, down, bottom, start, left, right, end, and circle (well, we know a circle is not exactly an arrow, but it's still useful).

Sets implements a control for SET-Variables.

Sliders contains a simple Slider Control, a TwinSlider for specifying INTEGER ranges, and a simple CHARacter Edit Field.

There are also controls for to display and handle simple Progress Bars as seen in many applications for long running commands. And last but not least there is a Trackbar & Mixer control.

Figures can be thought of as simplified inert Controls. Their main use to go onto Forms, but there is no reason why they shouldn't be used in any Container or Document. Their function is decoration.

Colour is a simple 'Property Editor' for updating the Color Property (part of Properties.StdProp) of items.

RealField and UnitField are modules that implements a Field, or 'Edit Field', Control similar to the standard BlackBox Field Control. This Control is limited in that it can only be linked to variables of type REAL, however it allows more options for formatting the REAL number.

The first download is the Chill part without obsolete files. The second download includes the obsolete files for backwards compatibility.

Authors: Juan Antonio Ortega, Robert D. Campbell and Helmut Zinn
Published by: Anton Shelin
2.0 compatible
Русский English


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