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Pascal to Oberon Translator (P2o).

P2o is a program that converts Pascal Source Code into Oberon Source Code. P2o is written in Component Pascal. This version is for use with Oberon Microsystems BlackBox Component Builder v1.5 (BB).

What it does:

Translates Jensen & Wirth Pascal or ISO 7185 Standard Pascal syntax to the Oberon equivalent
Converts keywords to uppercase
Converts enumerated types to equivalent CONST declarations
Makes the case of identifiers consistent with their declarations
Converts subranges to INTEGER
Expands variant records
Expands WITH statements which use non-structured record variables. Others are commented.

What it does not do:

Translate LABELs and GOTO statements
Convert Array indices. However, the brackets are removed from array declarations
Translate FORWARD procedures and functions
Convert Read and Write statements

There is also a version for use with Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Gardens Point Component Pascal v1.3.4 (GPCP). The GPCP version runs as a command-line (console) program on Microsoft Windows with the .NET 2.0 Framework runtime installed. For further details go to

Author: Chris F. Burrows
Published by: Anton Shelin
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