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3D Programming for Windows.

Welcome to 3D Programming using the 3DSTATE Engine in Component Pascal. Whether you are an experienced game designer or looking to produce your first 3D game, this subsystem is for you. In a very short time, you will be using the 3DSTATE Engine to create rich and exciting 3D games with beautiful graphics and state-of-the-art performance. While mastering a 3D graphics API can take years, the 3DSTATE Engine will have you writing games within weeks. Combined with the power of Component Pascal and the Blackbox, programming high-end 3D applications and games becomes easy.

Please note also, that the subsystem State is a substitute for the Morfit subsystem, which gives access to the Morfit engine version 3.0. The Morfit engine was renamed in Version 4 to 3DState, and the current State subsystem gives access to the 3DState engine version 6.0.

Since these are only the interface modules, nothing will work without first downloading and installing the 3DState engine. For further information see Quick-Start of State and look at'.

StateD is the primary interface
StateCameras imbeds the StateD engine in the BB framework
State/Templates/Template is a template for using StateCameras

Author: René A. Krywult
Published by: Anton Shelin
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