BlackBox Component Builder
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A BusyBox (Lab) Panel to interconvert Module names and ancillary file names.

This version works with the Linux BBCB version, Denisov et al.

What it does:

What it does:
Splits the provided module name into component parts.
Presets some string values for different typeDirs, e.g., Mod, Docu, Sym, Code.
Allows Strings filename support.
Builds a locPath, filename, type, and complete pathname from the parts.
Opens a document matching the name.
This strings file for a (new) language.
Pastes the full path to the focus cursor position.

AlmPathLib, the module that AlmPathLab wraps, is redundant to Files.dir.GetFileName and StdLibrarian.  It does, however, support regularity in the generation of file names.

Author: Aubrey McIntosh
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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