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BlackBox Component Builder is an open-source IDE for Component Pascal programming language. BlackBox consists of modules, compiler and environment for their work over OS. It is also providing facilities for interface design and modules extension. Component Pascal (BlackBox Oberon) is strongly typed and module based. The compiler is very fast. Each module is a unit of compilation and execution. Modules are brought into memory in order of import when required. There is no need for 'headers'. Symbol files are automatically generated by the compiler for exported items. Data structures are automatically garbage collected when no longer referenced. The framework comes with a complete set of documentation for framework modules.

The packages with encoded files (potential components of BlackBox, it's `extensions`), whiсh are published on the website, owned by their authors. They are published by authors them self's, or according a license allowing distribution, or with a written permission of authors.

To add files of extension package to BlackBox just open text file with encoding text (starting from StdCoder.Decode ...) or copy it to empty document, then call Tools/Decode command from menu.
BlackBox extension packages (extensions)
2.0 compatible
Download content by HTTP
Strings 02.08.2021
Facilities to work with strings.
Data lossless compression using the Deflate algorithm
Minimal package manager for BBCB2
Lists 22.03.2024
Dynamic collections and lists of different structures.
2D vector graphics library for antigrain WinPorts realisation and PDF generation
Scl 24.05.2023
Standard Container Library
Allows to import/export, manipulate and convert PNG & BMP images without third-party libraries.
Xmlcore 02.08.2021
The subsystem Xmlcore is an implementation of the DOM Level 2 and a XML-parser, based on DOM.
Component Pascal Source Code Beautifier.
Development version for SVG support
Port of Oberon A2 base libs for BBCB2
Port of Oberon A2 crypto libs for BBCB2
Http(s) client /Https-Server.
Transparent Architecture - communication SW for distributed systems.
Data compression utility (Burrows / Wheeler or LZ77 + adaptative Huffman coding).
Data compression utility interface.
Buttons, Arrows, Sets, Sliders, RealField and UnitField.
Search & Replace with wildcards and text attributes.
Engineering & Scientific library.
Computational Algebra library.
Arbitrary ultra high precision arithmetic.
Digital and other filter design and analysis.
Oberon Portable Applications Library.
Measure the runtime of one procedure/module.
Using SQLite with BlackBox.
Browser for SQLite.
An Update Program.
Unicode Mappings with the generated Modules.
Xy Games.
3D computer graphic á la carte.
Small programs for education and fun.
Learning a Programming Language with Mk Turtle Grafik - the easy way!
Experimental Actions-Coroutines package
Experimental package for facilities that should probably go into Services
Collection of services over BlackBox standard libraries
Clickhouse client
Russian language for menues, dialogs and documentation
Coloring of the Oberon and Component Pascal syntax
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