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Babel Compiler Compiler.

Babel is a meta compiler. From a language definition document, it builds the tables of a compiler (lexical, syntactic and semantic) and store them in a binary file. A special module, included in the final program, reads this file and then can compile texts of the language.

You find examples of using Babel here:

CpcIndex - Cross reference builder and pretty printer.
CpcRegul - Regular Lexical Analyser.
CpcStats - Statistic of accessing the CPC website.
CpcWhere - Where, Indexer of Source & Symbol files.
Hermes - Data Acquisition & Scientific Spreadsheet
Kine - Simulation Tools.
Plot - 2D plotting tools including data fit.
Prolog - Prolog Language Interpreter
Tp2cp - Convert Turbo Pascal to Component Pascal.
UtilFunc - Inline Functions
UtilMathsl - Mathematical Editor
UtilJson - Encoding and decoding of JSON
UtilGraphQL - GraphQL compiler and support

Author: Gérard Meunier
Published by: Anton Shelin
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