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Program library for Bit-Manipulations, Dynamic-Strings, File-I/Os, Time Strings and Run-Parameters.
Depends on: Xy

BasicsAssert The services of the module BasicsAssert are applied to implement design-by-contract. In case of trap the StdLog window will show name and value of the variable causing the trap and the appropriate limits.

BasicsBits offers low level access to bits and bytes using the concept of SETs and avoiding the import of SYSTEM.

BasicsDynStrings provides a class for dynamic strings. It includes useful procedures for string manipulations without limitations of the string lenght. Converters between basic data types and dynamic strings are available too.

BasicsStrings offers the functionality of module Strings plus some additional services for dealing with Hex-Strings. In contrast to module Strings all output strings are delivered as POINTER TO ARRAY OF CHAR.

BasicsFiles deals with ASCII files and binary files as well. It sits on top of module Files and offers traditional file I/O.

BasicsParameters implements a scanner for analyzing parameters usually passed to programs via a command line. The parameter string ist passed to the module by calling ScanParameterString. Subsequently names and values of the parameters will be available by calling the according procedures.

BasicsTime implements procedures for getting date / time strings, time stamps and pausing program execution by busy waiting.

BasicsUtils offers some helpful utilities.

Author: Rainer Neubauer
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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