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Multiple Undo/Redo, light up / hot buttons, list readers and procedure navigator.

Subsystem Cam comprises of a few handy "low-level" modules, which I use extensively. Most of them where build before I discovered the CPC website. The modules consist of:

CamTools: A wrapper around the Sequencers of BlackBox, which makes it possible to implement multiple undo/redo actions. E.g.: undoing/redoing a set of actions in stead of one at a time.

CamLightupButtons: Picture buttons that light up when you move your mouse over the button

CamLists: The module CamLists defines the data types List and ListReader. Any storable object (extension of Stores.Store) can be added to a list. All manipulations to a list (adding and removing objects) which alter the contents of the list are implemented as operations. This means that all manipulation actions are undoable and redoable.

CamToolBars: Toolbars with "hot" buttons, that light up when the mouse moves over them.

CamProcScan: A simple program to quickly get an overview of all implemented procedures in a module and a tool to quickly jump to the one you want to go to. This module also contains a procedure to make all keywords bold and to make all comments blue and italic.

Author: Mathieu Westerweele
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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