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Chill 12 Documentation.

The Chill group is a collection of subsystems and individual modules published by Robert Campbell. The current version control number of these is called Chill 12, and 'Chill' is sometimes used as a generic name for these subsystems. Chill 12 is compatible with BlackBox 1.7.x. This ChillDocu is a set of 'overview' (e.g. 'Map's etc) documentation files that is recommended should you choose to install several, or all, of these subsystems. It provides convenient access to several subsystems and Tools from the Help Menu. It also gives guidance on installing all Chill subsystems, as there are some dependencies between them. The following subsystems are member of the Chill group: Algebra - Computational Algebra library. Casket - Writing mathematical expressions in BlackBox documents. CpcChill - Bitmaps, ControlTips, FormTidy, Markers, Search and Stylists. Ctls - Buttons, Arrows, Sets, Sliders, RealField and UnitField. Demo - Sample programs of using the Chill group. Filter - Digital and other filter design and analysis. Frame - An abstract hierarchical Specification framework. Lib - Engineering & Scientific library. Multi - Arbitrary ultra high precision arithmetic & Tools. Nav - Navigation & Coordinate transform library modules and tools. OglChill - An extension to the 'Base' or 'Original' Ogl subsystem adding higher level functionality. Wands - A collection of general purpose and eclectic tools (Wand: tool used by a magician). A full Chill installation makes use of the following non-Chill modules & subsystems available from CPC: CpcBookmarks - Bookmarks for text documents. CpcCompressors - Data compression utility interface. CpcMenus - Switching Menus. CpcSpell - A minimalistic Spelling checker. Escher - Escher constraint-drawing editor. FreeImage - Loading, displaying and saving popular graphic image formats. Ogl - An interface to OpenGL. Pac - Data compression utility (Burrows / Wheeler or LZ77 + adaptative Huffman coding). StdBackgrounder - Set Background Colour in Views (Modified from the original Oms version). Xmlcore - Using Document Object Model and Extensible Markup Language. Grateful thanks to the authors of the above for publishing their work for the benefit of other users. The ChillDocu save set installs its files into //BlackBox/Docu/ChillDocu/. Open there the file Chill-Map.odc to getting started.

Author: Robert D. Campbell
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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