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A Stylist is an object used to organise Rulers (TextRulers.Ruler) in a Document.
Depends on: Ctls

A Stylist is essentially a list of Rulers Styles and associated StdProps. A Stylist object offers three main facilities:

It allows several Rulers to belong to a Style Set. Rulers are said to belong to the same Set if they are the SAME (which means that they have the same Style, and, optionally, equal StdProps). When Rulers share their Style not only do they have their tabs etc in the same place, but moving one Rulers tabs immediately moves the tabs of all the other Rulers in the Set.

It allows each Set to be 'named' . It can be helpful to give each Set a meaningful name, such as 'Tabs @ 2 & 5 cm', or 'Main heading Ruler'.

It can manage a Text's StdProps. These are associated with each Ruler and with each Style in the Stylist. They can then be automatically applied to the text immediately after each Ruler in a flexible variety of ways.

Author: Robert D. Campbell
Published by: Anton Shelin
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