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Tables and other Controls Extensions.
Depends on: Misc

Subsystem Ctlsx contains a collection of controls e.g. Buttons, Captions, Fields, Tables.

CtlsxButtons work as CtlsButtonsV, but it is also possible to use them as radio buttons. A radio button has to be linked to an integer variable. In this case, the command of the button must be integrated into the notifier procedure.

CtlsxCalendars includes a Calendar Control that shows one month. It is possible to define the range of the calendar and toggle from month to month. Special days e.g. holidays can be defined by mouse clicks.

CtlsxCaptions adds color to the caption and allows changing the color to red, when the caption is linked to an integer variable and the corresponding number equals level property.

CtlsxColorIndicators just show a color. The form of the control can be changed by the properities inspector (Rect / Oval).

CtlsxFields allows formatation of integers and reals and a more convenient input of real numbers with the German keyboard. Also character variables can be linked to CtlsxFields.

CtlsxHourCtlsx is a control which allows selection of hours of one week, including different types of special days, e.g. holidays.

CtlsxLines draws horizontal and vertical lines (not really a control, but useful for forms)

CtlsxStdButtons provide a selection of prefactored buttons and comes with a form that eases application.

CtlsxSets allows selection of bits of a variable of type SET.

CtlsxSliders contains a slider control, similar to ObxSliders.

CtlsxTables is a table Control, which allows some formatation (numbers, background, font, frames, ...). You can add skills to each cell e.g. to prevent editing, allow insertion of cols and rows, skip cells, toggle strings (yes/no, right/left, ...) by mouse click. Limited conversion to Excel is also possible.

Author: Gerhard Marent
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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