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HTTP Client and Server Utilities.
Depends on: CommTCPAsync

Subsystem Dbu is a collection of modules for creating HTTP servers and clients. It provides low-level buffering of network streams, allowing ASCII files to be easily sent and retrieved via a TCP/IP channels.

An unusual feature of the HTTP server implementation is that a single server can function both as origin server and proxy server. I developed this design to allow me to experiment with dynamic document rewriting. An intelligent proxy can dynamically create content as the user explores the web and merge this content with external HTML documents "on-the-fly" as they are retreived.

Note that this is not a "quality" release, as I haven't had time to properly structure and document many functions. This code has served its purpose and will not be developed further (by me, anyway). However, the server functions are reasonably modular. New facilities can be added fairly easily by implementing HTTP.Handlers and HTTP.Filters. See Dbu/Docu/Manual for more details.

Author: Stewart Greenhill
Published by: Anton Shelin
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