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Oberon Conversion Tool.

For ease of porting and to simplify the migration from Oberon to Component Pascal, this conversion tool is provided which automates much of the necessary conversion process. The converter translates Oberon/L source code (which is assumed to be syntactically correct) into Component Pascal source code. Changes are marked.

Oberon/L was the marginally changed version of Oberon-2 which was used in Oberon/F which in turn was the previous name of BlackBox. The translator should work with standard Oberon and Oberon-2 source code. Active Oberon will need some manual intervention before it can be translated correctly.

This module stems from BlackBox version 1.3x and is usable with the current version of BlackBox. Kudos to Marc Frei of Oberon Microsystems for digging out and providing this source.

Author: Marc Frei and Bernhard Treutwein
Published by: Anton Shelin
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