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An Update Program.
Depends on: Pac Ctls

Subsystem Dos contains several tools which I use for

data replications (incremental backups)
comparing two versions of BlackBox
software testing (test harness)

The most importend tools is an update program for data replications. I implement the replication in two steps: compare & update. The first step compares two directory trees and list all difference in a document. You can proof this list and edit it. Based on this document, the second step run through that list and copy the new and changed files. Old files, which doesn't exist in the source, are deleted in the destination.

Another program can compare two version of BlackBox and create a document of differences including links to the old and the new files.

For software testing I need a procedure which compares 2 files line by line. You find such kind of comparison inside this subsystem. DosDiffFiles are my basic modules for the test harness. I need them during the software development and maintenance. I use them for testing of my programs with test pattern and proofing the program result automatically.

Further there are programs for time messurement, calculating MD5 and SHA-256 checksums.

Author: Helmut Zinn
Published by: Anton Shelin
2.0 compatible
Русский English


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