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Learning a Programming Language with Mk Turtle Grafik - the easy way!
Depends on: Ctls Xy

OS: Windows

You are welcome! MKTurtle is a learning environment. It helps pupils to getting started to learn a programming language.

We introduce a programming environment, which is easier to use than usually. Computer science teacher should have a look and try out the turtle grafik.

The turtle grafik uses the programming language Component Pascal (Oberon-2). The necessary programming environment is called BlackBox. Everyone can download BlackBox from the web site

The documentation of the turtle grafik is in German completly. You found a short German-English dictionary inside Quick-Start. There are several programming examples with source code.

See also software for teaching from Michael Kühn under

Author: Michael Kühn and Helmut Zinn
Published by: Anton Shelin
2.0 compatible
Русский English


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