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Interaction with the BlackBox framework.

Subsystem My is intent to simplify the interaction with the BlackBox framework.

MyFiles - File Opening and Closing
The intent of MyFiles is to simplify the opening and closing of files. It introduces ReadControllers and WriteControllers to symmetrize the operations of opening and closing old and new files.

MyTexts - Opening Text Scanners and Formatters
MyTexts simplifies the opening and closing of scanners and formatters provided by TextMappers. It introduces ReadControllers and WriteControllers to symmetrize the operations of opening and closing.

MyObjects - Abstract objects
MyObjects supports the basic types of Component Pascal as instances of an abstract object. The abstract object is meant to be used in Lists, Sets, Stacks, Rings, Queues and other computer science data structures.

MyLists - Lists of abstract objects
MyLists supports the storage of (abstract) objects in a linear list. Elements of the list may be duplicated. One can add to the head or tail of the list. One can iterate over the list using First (which initiates an iterator) and then using Next(o) to obtain the object at the current position of the iterator. Next fails when it reaches the end of the list. While iterating one can add new element (behide the iterator's position) or delete an element (behind the iterator's position). MyLists is a basis for sets, stacks, and queues.

MySets - Sets of abstract objects
MySets implements the storing of abstract objects in sets. A set is a collection of objects with no repeats. Elements may be of homogeneous or heterogeneous type. For example a set could consist of the three objects a string, a list, and a set. It is your choice which objects are included in a set. Uniqueness is guaranteed through the Equal method of an object. Objects of different type should never be equal.

MyCoder - StdCoder extended
MyCoder adds two procedures EncodeThis and EncodeObjectList to StdCoder.

MyProject - Project handling tools
MyProject simplifies the creation and maintenance of projects and applications based on a root module. One can compile, unload, encode, make an exe file, and list the hierarchy of modules referenced from root.

Author: Douglas G. Danforth
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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