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A second log window.
Depends on: Ctls Lib

Output is a simple set of commands for controlling a window called Output, along with a few other miscellaneous commands that I find useful for programme output. Output acts like a second log window, and can be written to using the exported variable outputFmtr-, which is of type LibFmtrs.Fmtr from Robert Campbell's Lib Subsystem. The Output window can be set to open automatically when BlackBox starts.

There is a set of exported parameters (variable prms) that can be altered using the dialog box. Some of these parameters alter things that happen in the Output window (e.g. if the BOOLEAN prms.cmntBold is enabled, then text written with OutputCmds.OWrtCmnt will be in bold), others provide useful facilities that may or may not involve the Output windows (e.g. if the BOOLEAN prms.beep is enabled then the line OutputCmds.Beep will cause the system beep to sound, and if prms.beep is disabled then obviously nothing happens), and others provide facilities that involve the Log window (e.g. if prms.timer is enabled then OutputCmds.StartTimer will initialize the timer with LibTimer.Reset and OutputCmds.EndTimer will finish it and write the elapsed time to the log).

I use two types of text when writing to the Output window: 'text' for the majority of the output, and 'comment' text for headings. Use of prms.comment enables one to determine whether headings are used or not (try using OutputDemo.Demo1 with and without prms.comment enabled).

Author: Martin Fisher
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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