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Introduction into Computer Science.

These files are the source code for the programs of the chapters of the book "Computing Fundamentals: The Theory and Practice of Software Design with BlackBox Component Builder", published by Vieweg Verlag, 2002. They can be decoded and used with the Oberon microsystems BlackBox Component Builder.

The software is encoded in standard BlackBox ascii format. You will need to install BlackBox on your system to decode the software. See the first few chapters of "Computing Fundamentals" for a guide to using the source code.

Addendum 2014: The book Computing Fundamentals has been out of print for some time. As the rights have reverted to me, I decided to place the complete text in the public domain with the hope that the BlackBox community will find it of some value. I welcome you comments.

Author: Stan Warford
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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