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Text reader & formatter filter.

Trf is the abbreviation for Text reader / formatter. The subsystem Trf contains the following modules:

TrfFilter copies from an open text view the printable (ASCII and Latin-1) characters + cr + ht + para to a new text view. Other control code characters and Unicode are converted to a string representation of the equivalent hexadecimal character constant.

TrfUnbeautify converts control characters (except for cr and para) and Unicode characters to space (20X). It deletes leading and trailing space, and squeezes adjacent space within a line to 1 space character (20X). It removes colorization and makes everything a monochrome color (blue). Horizontal formatting is squeezed but vertical formatting is preserved.

TrfCrush is similar to Unbeautify but additionally converts multiple adjacent end-of-line to 1 end-of-line. Vertical formatting is crunched and horizontal formatting is squeezed.

TrfText unfold input paragraphs of multiple lines of text into single-line paragraphs. Repeatedly running this command will turn all input text into a single line.

TrfNrLines number lines in a text file. The first line is numbered 0.

Author: Carl Glassberg
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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