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A collection of general purpose and eclectic tools (Wand: tool used by a magician).
Depends on: Frame Ctls CpcChill Filter Lib Algebra Casket Multi

Wands provides a large number of Tools of general use for programming, and for manually accessing some of the facilities provided in subroutine form in Lib. A few examples are:

AsciiPlot - Tool for graphing numeric data stored in an Ascii file
Browser - Browses Docu & Mod files from methods & fields within variables
CheckSum - Multiple file List/Copy/Compare tool with 32-bit checksum or fingerprint
Fragments - Inserts fragments of source code into the Focus Text
Diary - Multiple format diary with alarms
Ieee754 - Analyses IEEE 754 64-bit REAL floating point binary format
Parse - Parses arithmetic expressions; a Calculator that uses Parse - highly recommended
RelinkForm - Renames (all) Links, Guards, & Notifiers in a form
+ over twenty other similar tools.

Author: Robert D. Campbell
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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