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Random Number Generator.
Depends on: Util Ctls Xy

The subsystem Rng provides 28 different random number generators and some programs for analysing them.

Linear Congruential Generator (Cray, Excel, Minstd, Pbox, Randu, Slatec, Vax)
Lagged Fibonacci Generator (Ran3, Ranlux, Uni, Zufall)
Shift Register Generator (Aos, Gfsr4, Issac, R250)
Combination Generator (Ecuyer, Fib, Kiss123, Ranmar, Shuffle)
Multiply Recursive Generator (Knuth, Mrg)
Multiply with carry Generator (Mwc)
Xor Shift Generator (Xor4096)
Mersenne Twister Generator (MT19937)
Twisted GFSR Generator (TT800)
Tausworthe Generator (Taus113, Taus88)

Further this subsystem contains some tests for analysing this random number generators:

Summary Statistics
Run Sequence Plot
The Lag Plot
The Bitmap Plot
Plane Plot

You can proof all random number generators with this tests and find the two really bad ones.

Author: Helmut Zinn
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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