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BlackBox extension packages (extensions)
2.0 compatible
Automata-Based Programming Engine.
Algorithms and Data Structures.
3D computer graphic á la carte.
Computational Algebra library.
Source Code Collection and Topological Sort (Gather.Order).
A BusyBox (Lab) Panel to interconvert Module names and ancillary file names.
Port of Oberon A2 base libs for BBCB2
Experimental async tasks for BBCB2
Babel Compiler Compiler.
Getting started with Component Pascal.
Program library for Bit-Manipulations, Dynamic-Strings, File-I/Os, Time Strings and Run-Parameters.
BlackBox tools: Unicode module converter tools & Compiler helper tools.
A Benchmark Suite to Measure Computer Performance.
(Bnf7)Ebnf.atg: Ebnf Pretty-Printer. A sample use of Coco.
C to Component Pascal Translator.
2D vector graphics library for antigrain WinPorts realisation and PDF generation
Multiple Undo/Redo, light up / hot buttons, list readers and procedure navigator.
Writing mathematical expressions in BlackBox documents.
Chill 12 Documentation.
Clickhouse client
A BlackBox port of Hanspeter Mössenböck's Coco/R Compiler Compiler.
Collections 06.08.2017
Library for representing and manipulating simple data
Non-blocking TCP Streams Module.
Cow is a subsystem aimed at compiler writers.
Coroutines, Tasks and Schedulers.
The two procedures solve the problem of typing all-capitals keywords. The idea is that one types a keyword in small characters, then presses a key, and the keyword is converted to capitals.
Decode Eth Oberon V4 Cod files.
Component Pascal Source Code Beautifier.
Bookmarks for text documents.
Bitmaps, ControlTips, FormTidy, Markers, Search and Stylists.
Data compression utility interface.
Pop-up Tips when the mouse pointer goes over a Control.
A converter for loading Oberon System3 and Linz V4 file formats.
Documentation Tool.
File Browser with subsystem, folder and document windows.
Diagnosing floating point calculations precision.
Control layout tools for use in constructing Forms.
Cross reference builder and pretty printer.
Language Mapper from / to Excel tables.
Language for Component Pascal.
Switching Menus.
Named Integers in Component Pascal.
Regular Lexical Analyzer.
Search & Replace with wildcards and text attributes.
A minimalistic Spelling checker.
Split a window and scroll the two panes independently.
Statistic of accessing the CPC website.
A Stylist is an object used to organise Rulers (TextRulers.Ruler) in a Document.
CpcTabs 08.08.2016
Automatic aux windows management with tabs on the top panel
Icon in System Tray.
Where, Indexer of Source, Documentation & Symbol files.
CPfront 17.11.2019
Component Pascal to C translator.
Port of Oberon A2 crypto libs for BBCB2
Buttons, Arrows, Sets, Sliders, RealField and UnitField.
Tables and other Controls Extensions.
Non-linear data modelling by the simplex method.
HTTP Client and Server Utilities.
Sample programs of using the Chill group.
Persistent Desktop.
Oberon Conversion Tool.
Dia 18.09.2022
2D plots
2D diagrams plotting.
An Update Program.
Developing Programs with BlackBox Oberon and MySql.
Experimental package for facilities that should probably go into Services
Distributions for a logistic regression model.
Efficient Programming for Sciences and Engineering in the 21st Century.
Escher constraint-drawing editor.
Digital and other filter design and analysis.
Flash 24.09.2018
An abstract hierarchical Specification framework.
Loading, displaying and saving popular graphics image formats.
Sound Recording and Playing.
Inserting special characters into text files.
BlackBox Messages Notification.
File Searching.
Keyboard & Mouse Wrapper.
Data Acquisition and Monitoring Toolbox.
Grid 11.08.2022
Han Numbers - 中文数字
Scientific Spreadsheet.
Html Importer and Exporter.
Http(s) client /Https-Server.
Download content by HTTP
Check, collect, link, replace & search all documents.
Project Informatika-21. Component Pascal as a first language.
Experimental Actions-Coroutines package
Simulation Tools.
Small programs for education and fun.
Collection of services over BlackBox standard libraries
Engineering & Scientific library.
Lists 22.03.2024
Dynamic collections and lists of different structures.
Visualising the parameters of a logistic regression equation.
Coloring of the Oberon and Component Pascal syntax
Media Player.
MGuiBase implements some basic elements for GUIs.
Procedures for Calendar, Time-Handling, Dialog, Lists and Sorting.
Learning a Programming Language with Mk Turtle Grafik - the easy way!
Arbitrary ultra high precision arithmetic.
Interaction with the BlackBox framework.
Navigating on an Oblate Sphereoid, in particular the Earth model.
Video digitizer.
Odf 03.06.2022
Generate documents in Open Document Format
An extension to the 'Base' or 'Original' Ogl subsystem adding higher level functionality.
GLUT interface as an addition to the Ogl subsystem.
Change the subsystem name in forms.
Diagnostic Plots for One-Dimensional Data.
OOP Examples for Beginners.
Oberon Portable Applications Library.
Oberon-0 Compiler for BlackBox.
A second log window.
Pascal to Oberon Translator (P2o).
Data compression utility (Burrows / Wheeler or LZ77 + adaptative Huffman coding).
Minimal package manager for BBCB2
Introduction into Computer Science.
Pep/6 simulator.
A small extensible Vector Graphic Editor.
Curve plotter.
Persistent Object Manager.
Pascal of the 3d milenium (Computer programming with Oberon-2).
Coco pretty-printer grammars for Component Pascal.
Visualising probability.
Prolog Interpreter.
Set component for BlackBox for beginners (Build 024 2019-05-05)
Reading windows registry with BlackBox.
Random Number Generator.
Parallel computing with MPICH
Russian language for menues, dialogs and documentation
Scl 24.05.2023
Standard Container Library
Cross-platform library for graphics, windows management, keyboard & mouse
Renders primitive shapes.
Positions of charged particles on a sphere.
Using SQLite with BlackBox.
Browser for SQLite.
Component Pascal Source Code Navigator.
3D Programming for Windows.
Set Background Colour in Views.
Strings 02.08.2021
Facilities to work with strings.
Sudoku Builder & Solver.
Development version for SVG support
Multiplication tables training.
Tabs 15.07.2022
Automatic aux windows management with tabs on the top panel and panel menu
Transparent Architecture - communication SW for distributed systems.
Saving the Spotlight Images from Windows 10 Lock Screen.
Birthday reminder.
Writing books with BlackBox.
Generate a package list for StdCoded and PacCoded files.
Binary compare file.
How many days are left until...?
Read and write hex dump.
All picture files rename to increasing sequential numbers.
Tea Time Alarm Clock.
Some Text Editing Commands.
Measure the runtime of one procedure/module.
Text Translation by Words.
Tm 19.10.2016
Subsystem for access telemechaniks data. This its inteface for tmaccess.dll in operating-information programm complex "Oik Dsipather"(Interface ltd, Russia, Ekaterinburg st)
Add a toolbar to the BlackBox window.
Turbo Pascal to Component Pascal Translator.
Support for Technical Process Control.
Text reader & formatter filter.
Ttf Covering (TrueType Fonts, OpenType File Format).
Unicode Generators with Unicode Character Database.
Unicode Mappings with the generated Modules.
Utility tools.
Allows to import/export, manipulate and convert PNG & BMP images without third-party libraries.
A collection of general purpose and eclectic tools (Wand: tool used by a magician).
Simulation of waves (Example of bitmap manipulation by WinApi calls).
Publishing BlackBox documents on Internet or Intranets.
Analysing Web Log Files.
List of open windows.
Xmlcore 02.08.2021
The subsystem Xmlcore is an implementation of the DOM Level 2 and a XML-parser, based on DOM.
Xy Games.
Parser/generator JSON.
Data lossless compression using the Deflate algorithm
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