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Check, collect, link, replace & search all documents.
Depends on: Pac Ctls TboxTimer Dos

The Info subsystem is a collection of tools to manage links and documents. It supports the following tasks:

Open a document in the same mode (browser or edit) as the current one
Start a program via link
Translate a website
Search through all documents
Create link list (table of contents)
Collect the documents
Correct text & links via change list
Build Cross-reference (subject index)
Check filenames
Check links
Replace in all documents

If you insert the following link in a odc document
   Oberon Microsystems
then you have a link to the website of ...

If you insert the following link in a odc document
then you can send a mail to ...

Another application of this subsystem is to translate a website. Select an url in your text document (e.g.: and press the key Shift+Ctrl+L simultaneously. You get the translation of the oberonecore website from Russian to English.

And so on ...

Author: Helmut Zinn
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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