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Unicode Mappings with the generated Modules.
Depends on: Pac Ctls Dos

UnicodeMappings provide mappers for upper, lower or title case mapping, and also provide converters from Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32; little or big endian) to other encodings or vice versa. Further examples for mapping and decomposiion of Unicode are shown.

The base for the Unicode Mappings are the published Unicode Character Database (UCD) by the Unicode Consortium in

UCD (Unicode Standard Version 15.0.0 released 13-September-2022):
or look for the latest version of the UCD at

UnicodeMappings contains all modules generated in UnicodeGenerators. Some of the generated mapping modules have been further simplified by hand. The encoding converter UnicodeConverterDlg includes XML-Conversion. To recognize the encoding and the endianness (little-endian order or big-endian order) byte order mark (BOM) is used. For XML files existing encoding-declaration is used. Changing the encoding: The encoding declaration can be optionally adapted or inserted. UnicodeConv provides UTF-8 import and export by file with the uni and XML extension.

In UnicodeConverterTests a few examples for the encoding conversions are shown.

Author: Werner Bossert
Published by: Anton Shelin
2.0 compatible
Русский English


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