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Ttf Covering (TrueType Fonts, OpenType File Format).
Depends on: Pac Ctls UnicodeMappings Dos

TtfCovering scans TrueType Fonts and OpenType Font respectively, of the file type TTF and TTC. TrueType Collections TTC contain several fonts. The table BlocksAndFontsTab displays Range, Block, number of characters covering a font and the name of the font. The module UnicodeFontsGen can be generated.

Covering fonts are in alphabetical order and ascending order of the number of covering characters unless other priorities are prefered. The table Covering BlocksTab shows all ranges, blocks and number of characters covering a selected font.

Blocks.txt of the Unicode Standard Version 15.0.0 is used for Ranges and Block names.

Author: Werner Bossert
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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