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Utility tools.
Depends on: Ctls Pac Dos UnicodeMappings Babel

Util is a set of utility tools.

UtilAlea is a random number generator.

UtilAvlTree implements balanced and threaded trees.

UtilBTree & UtilBBTree let manage a disk file like a heap, allocating and freeing it easily, with the possibility of indexing by BTrees.

UtilBTree3 & UtilBBTree3 is an enhanced version of UtilBTree, with 64 bits addressing.

UtilControlTypes lists, from the focus container, all control types, links, guards and notifiers.

UtilControlViews makes controls linked to the same interactor and included in different documents behave as if they were linked to different interactors. With this feature, it becomes possible to use controls in document windows. Works with all current controls, but Dialog.Trees. For Dialog.Trees, use UtilTreeModels & UtilTreeViews instead.

UtilDancingLinks uses D.E. Knuth's DLX (Dancing Links) algorithm to solve cover problems, such as Sudoku (see Sudoku and

UtilDiffEq is an numerical integrator of sets of differential equations which provides the requested precision.

UtilDirChoose let you choose a directory.

UtilExtFiles provides procedures to manage record times of files.

UtilExtFonts gives more information on font metrics.

UtilExtStrings defines an abstract type of extensible strings and implements it.

UtilFunc provides inline functions.

UtilInvisible provides invisible views that carry data.

UtilJson encodes CP structures into JSON format and vice versa.

UtilLedControls implements a control that looks like a LED.

UtilLeftist implements leftist trees, which may be used for priority queues.

UtilMaths is a tool for writing mathematics, loosely inspired by TeX, D.E. Knuth's famous system.

UtilPrimes & UtilPrimesDisp scan quickly prime numbers forward and backward.

UtilSets & UtilSets4 are implementations of sets of integers.

UtilSort provides an abstraction for quickly sorting and searching integer indexed structures, like arrays.

   UtilStorage & UtilStorage2 permit to allocate and deallocate memory manually; they are error prone but sometimes useful.

UtilTime provides different time counters, with different precisions.

UtilTreeModels & UtilTreeViews encapsulate a tree Control and provides a standard Model/View component.

UtilWordCount counts words in a text or a selection of it.

UtilWrappers permits to wrap views with additional data.

Author: Gérard Meunier
Published by: Anton Shelin
Русский English


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